Beauty tips! How to become fair naturally by using home remedies… :)

I had been thinking lately, all my posts are about technology and studies which I think doesn’t draw much attention from the girls 😛 so here’s a post dedicated specially to them. Below are a few beauty tips which you can do at home to get that flawless skin everyone wants. All the tips are listed below after proper consultation with an expert (Dr. Romington).


So let’s gets started :
1. Apply one half of a lemon on your face daily. This helps in lightening the skin as lemon has excellent bleaching properties. Avoid this if you have sensitive skin.

2. Sqeeze tomatoes on the face. The tomatoes help in becoming fair and gives a pinkish glow to your skin. It removes the excessive oil from the skin and opens up the pores. (Daily)

3. This is something weird but this actually works. Early in the morning, once you wake up, drink as much water as possible. This not only helps in getting a glowing skin but also helps in reducing weight 😛 (water therapy) (Daily)

4. Add lemon juice with honey/cucumber and apply it over night. (Whenever possible, but not daily)

5. Honey with milk powder works greats.(Alternative Days)

6. If in case you suffer from sun tan because of sensitive skin here is a quick tip for you. Apply curd on your face once you return from the sun. It reduces the tan considerabily. (Immediately after returning home from the sun)

7. Potatoes when boiled and applied helps in reducing scars. (Twice or thrice a week)

8. Coconut water also helps in vanishing scars.(Daily if possible)

9. Apply egg white alone(unless you feel :-P)

10. Using a cleanser, toner, and a face pack over it is really effective(not a natural way !)

11. Papaya+ honey+ milk powder = fair skin(Twice or thrice a week)

12. Applying olive oil is a helpful remedy(Daily)

13. Raw milk when applied daily yields awesome results. They even do this for babies B-) it can be used as your alternative face wash. (Daily as face wash)

14.  Multani meti (forgive me if I spelled it wrong) works great for pimples and also give fair glowing skin. (Weekly twice)

15. Dry the orange peel. Grind it. Mix the powder with milk or lemon and apply it on your face. Fairer smooth skin ! (Weekly twice)

16. Rose water, the natural toner.(Daily)

17. Go on a fruit juice only diet whenever feasible. Eating chapathi and milk helps. The food we consume also has effects on our skin tone. So Google it to find out yourself 🙂

This is just like an introduction. I will post a lot more provided I get really good response from you 😛

The daily and weekly applications need not be followed exactly. Its completely up to you. Mix things up. feel free to EXPERIMENT!!

With love
-KMPR. \m/


16 thoughts on “Beauty tips! How to become fair naturally by using home remedies… :)

  1. Thanks for the tips… will try them today …
    should i try them on daily basis or weekly?
    And for how many days/ months should i continue to gain effective results?

  2. Thanks for the tips… But these are only applicable for face… I need tips to become fair(whole body). The tips which you have suggested are bit time consuming… I mean for working women it would be tough… So please give some tips like some food habits from which we can become fair… Thank you…

  3. m feelng very gud…dat we can actualy do things sugestd by use widout any cost of tym…thankeww sho sho much…n would lyk 2 know in detail abt dis…tahnkeww shoo much…<3

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